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EPIFANES NON SKID. One-component semi-gloss urethane-alkyd resin based deck paint containing polypropylene beads as a non-skid agent. Used as a non-skid finishing coat for exterior and interior use above the waterline for wood, steel, aluminum and fiberglass in conjunction with the appropriate primers. Epifanes Non-Skid Deck Coating has excellent color retention, cleans easily, and stands up to rough water. Polypropylene beads are considered superior as a non-skid agent because the beads absorb a portion of the finish maintaining color retention and structural integrity. Provides even coverage when rolled. Hard dry in 24 hours at 65 deg. F. Recoatable in 24 hours. NOTE: Allow 72 hours before walking on last coat.

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PAINT NON-SKID #1 CREAM 750ML OR .7925 QT EPI-NS1-750 110005 In Stock $57.99 / EA
PAINT NON-SKID #212 GRAY 750ML EPI-NS212-750 110006 In Stock $57.99 / EA
PAINT NON-SKID #213 FRENCH GREY 750ML EPI-NS213-750 145589 In Stock $57.99 / EA
PAINT NON-SKID WHITE 750ML OR .7925 QT EPI-NSW-750 110007 In Stock $57.99 / EA

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