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$95.99 / EA
$95.99/ EA
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Measuring under 5" in length, the Bushnell 7x35 Spectator Sport Binocular is designed for easy packing and handling so you can enjoy watching your favorite team wherever they play. It features a compact form factor with a wide field of view and their PermaFocus focus-free system to bring all the action up close while keeping the players tack-sharp without the need to fumble with a focusing wheel as they move. A set of red, white, blue, and black accent tiles is included so you can customize the look of your binocular to your personal preference or to match your team's colors.

Optical Performance
Moderate 7x power magnifies image while maintaining a wide field of view and exit pupil
35mm objective lenses strike a middle ground between compact and full-size to enable binocular's use in most light conditions without being too bulky Porro prism design produces a rich depth of field and more lifelike "3D" views
BAK4 prisms produce crisp and sharp views with a round exit pupil Anti-reflection multi-coated optics maximize light transmission to improve image brightness, color rendition, and contrast
Wide 65? apparent angle of view ensures the entire playing field stays in view so you don't have to move your head around to catch the action, while limiting the appearance of distracting hand shake that is common when holding high-power optics
Spacious 488-foot field of view at 1000 yards
Use and Handling
Focus-free PermaFocus system
Wide 56-73mm interpupillary adjustment range makes binocular easy to use by a wide variety of people, including children and teens
Twist-up rubber eyecups for comfortable use with or without eyewear
15mm eye relief
Comfortable 5mm exit pupil will completely cover most pupils as they open and dilate in low light to keep the entire scene in view without vignetting PermaFocus system:

Optimized for distances of 150 feet (46m) or greater
Relies on the user's eyes to achieve focus instead of a mechanism to keep the view constantly sharp
Eliminates the need to fumble with diopter rings or focusing knobs
Makes sharing the binocular easier than with manually focused optics

Construction Details
Interchangeable red, white, blue, and black accent tiles allow you to customize the look of the binocular to your preference or to match your team's colors
Porro prism design produces an ergonomic chassis shape that sits comfortably and balanced in the hand
Lightweight and durable aluminum chassis
Slip-resistant armored exterior with textured palm pads adds grip security IPX4-rated, water resistant against splashing water and light rain
Compact design is less than 5 inches long

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