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Brand: Vesper Marine Inc
Part Number: VSP-SP160
HM Order #: 767682

Vesper Marine Amplified AIS / VHF / FM Antenna Splitter

Many AIS splitters introduce significant signal loss, some say no loss but this unique Vesper Marine splitter is the only one that provides signal gain - improving AIS reception and increasing range. This is because the Vesper Marine splitter has a built-in low noise amplifier. This is especially important to increase the receive range from the increasing number of low power AIS SART and MOB devices. In addition to the amplification provided by this splitter, when used with your existing antenna you can optimize the range of your AIS transponder because the antenna is also mounted as high as possible. Designed to work with all Vesper Marine AIS transponders including the popular WatchMateXB-6000 andWatchMateXB-8000. In addition, it has a unique on-screen VHF-in-use indicator when used with the WatchMate 850 and WatchMate Vision AIS transponders. Increases the performance of other manufacturer's AIS receivers and transponders too! To simplify installation, you can share an existing VHF antenna by using this splitter. The unit removes the need for a separate VHF antenna for an AIS receiver or transponder and allows a single antenna to be shared with a VHF radio. This is an excellent solution when it is difficult to install an additional antenna or you wish to share an existing VHF antenna and maximize your AIS range. This Vesper Marine splitter is specifically designed for use with both AIS receivers and transponders. You can use this splitter with an existing antenna installation that is in good operating condition. However, for an optimized AIS and VHF antenna system, choose our AIS antenna designed tobe shared with VHF radios.

AIS sensitivity gain
Low power consumption
Simple connections
Easy installation
LED status indicators
AM and FM radio connection
VHF-in-use indicator
Fail-safe VHF priority
Antenna quality monitor indicates if there is a problem
12 or 24 volt supply

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